Alabama Toll Free ADA Hotline

Call this number first for ADA information.

1-800-205-9986 (voice)
1-888-574-2257 (TTY)

Created in 1998 by the Alabama legislature, the Hotline provides information about all aspects of the ADA, including employment, public entities, private business, telecommunications, transportation, and the miscellaneous provisions. Calls are kept confidential. State ADA Coordinator Graham Sisson, an assistant attorney general, provides non-binding, informal legal opinions. He is knowledgeable about the ADA and related laws, including the Rehabilitation Act, Fair Housing Act, Air Carriers Access Act, Architectural Barriers Act, and Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in addition to other laws. Questions are answered in the context of Alabama and its sometime unique circumstances. Also, where appropriate, callers are referred to other sources of information and assistance.

Besides information and referral, the toll free number offers free ADA training and surveys of buildings and facilities for ADA compliance. All information and services provided are non-binding and do not create an attorney-client relationship.